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financial second opinion

Get A Second Opinion

To help instill confidence in achieving your goals, we offer a complimentary second-opinion service.  With a second opinion, you get the same expertise and guidance our clients expect from us.  Whether you manage everything yourself or work with another advisor, it’s always worth it to get a second opinion on something as important as your financial plan.


Just like getting a second opinion from a doctor, a financial second opinion means having an advisor review your financial plan.  It can be an excellent way for investors to get a second look at their plan from a professional and gain reassurance and peace of mind about their progress.  A second opinion from Holzberg Wealth Management can be a great way to gain valuable perspective and clarity on your finances.  The best part is that it comes with no obligation and no cost to you.

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Benefits of Getting a Second Opinion

A financial second opinion can be a valuable and cost-free way to test-drive what it would be like to work with us.  Having a fiduciary in your corner means getting the highest standard of care from an advisor who always puts your needs first.

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Feel Confident in Your Decisions

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Ensure Your Goals Align with Your Financial Plan

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Get Clarity on Your Investment Strategy & Portfolio Allocation

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Potentially Lower Your Investment Fees

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You May Learn Something New!

Are you taking on more or less risk than you should be?

Are you missing anything, or is there anything you could be doing better?

Is your current plan keeping up with your changing financial circumstances?

Are you in good shape for retirement?



It starts with an initial call where we talk about you and your unique circumstances.  Essentially, we are trying to understand where you are, where you want to be, and identify any gaps in between.


If we can help and you wish to proceed, we set a meeting to go over the specific items you wish to discuss.  Primarily, our conversation centers around your investments, as they are usually the main focus for successful families.  But we know investments are not your only concern.  Often, we discuss other issues, including:

  • Retirement planning,

  • Mitigating taxes,

  • Estate planning,

  • Protecting your assets, and

  • Debt management.


During this meeting, we walk you through our thoughts and answer any questions you may have.  We tie it together with the details from our initial conversation and present you with three possibilities:

  1. You are doing just fine.  You are in great shape and on track to meet your goals.  Keep it up!

  2. There is room for improvement, and you are looking to take your finances to the next level by bringing in a professional.  We will offer ways we can help and explore the next steps.

  3. We may acknowledge that someone else is better suited to your needs, and we will make recommendations for experts with different areas of expertise that may be a better option for you

If you are satisfied with our service, there’s no pressure and no obligation to move forward.  If you wish to become a client, we already have a great jumping-off point to continue to build from there.


You Are Currently Investing on Your Own

You Are Looking for An Advisor

Your Financial Circumstances Recently Changed or Got More Complex

You Are Already Working with An Advisor


Valuable information is waiting for you.  Find out how a financial second opinion could positively impact your retirement.

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