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financial planning napa valley ca

Our Services

In order to provide high-level enhancement to your financial well-being, we embrace your individual circumstances.  We have developed a suite of customizable services to assist you in structuring and achieving your short, intermediate, and long-term goals.

Investment Management & Advising

  • Asset Allocation Analysis and Account Coordination

  • Withdrawal Strategies

  • Rebalancing Execution

  • Handling Concentrated Stock Positions

  • How to Invest an Inheritance/Windfall

  • Employer Stock Options and Stock Plan Analysis

    • Incentive Stock Options (ISOs)

    • Nonqualified Stock Options (NQSOs)

    • Restricted Stock Units (RSUs)

    • Employee Stock Purchase Plans (ESPP)

  • Moving to Lower-Cost Investments

  • Rental Real Estate Analysis

Retirement Planning

  • Retirement Needs Analysis and Contribution Requirements

  • Determine When You Can Retire

  • Retirement Cash Flow Analysis

  • Retirement Lifestyle Goal Planning/Guidance

  • Safe Withdrawal Rate Analysis and Retirement Income Strategies

  • Roth vs. Traditional Retirement Plan Analysis

  • Roth Conversions

  • Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) Planning and Execution

  • Defined Benefit Pension Claiming Analysis

  • Social Security Claiming Analysis

Income Tax Planning & Projections

  • Strategies for Changes in Tax Policy

  • Projections For Upcoming Tax Year

  • Adjusting Withholding and Allowances

  • Capital Gains and Tax Loss Harvesting Analysis

  • Charitable Giving Planning

  • Leveraging Tax Credits

  • Reviewing Tax Return

  • Tax Bracket Management

Estate Planning & Legacy Building

  • Federal Estate Tax Analysis

  • Guidance on Creating and Reviewing Estate Documents

    • Advance Healthcare Directives

    • Healthcare Proxies

    • Power of Attorneys

    • Wills

  • Surviving Spouse Planning

  • Review Bequest and Potential Trust Options

  • Funding of Trusts and Retitling Assets

  • Business Succession Planning

Insurance & Risk Management Planning

  • Workplace Open Enrollment Period Benefits Planning

  • Life Insurance Needs Assessment

  • Disability Insurance Analysis

  • High Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) With HSA vs. Low-Deductible Health Insurance Analysis

  • Long-Term Care Insurance Analysis

  • Medicare Analysis

  • Homeowner's Insurance Analysis

  • Review Auto Insurance Coverage

  • Umbrella Insurance Analysis


Valuable information is waiting for you.  Find out how a great financial plan could positively impact your retirement.

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